Hi! Long time no see hey? Ok well, my name is Courtney Cash AKA Chocolate Cookie Party, and I am here to share all of my learning with you! Shall I tell you more about myself? Well, I am a grade 7 student, I go to a school in Surrey B.C, and I am 13 years old.  I love and have a passion to dance and hope to become a famous dancer when I grow up. I love to eat cookies, and my favourite colours are blue, purple, yellow, well, lets just say I love all colours!. So this website is a way to express all of my learning with you, and so that you can learn what I am learning too! World wide! I love being in this class and my teacher makes it so much easier for me to learn! Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

9/24/2012 02:18:17 am

I like your website

A name
9/27/2012 11:56:09 am

I know you I think

layla brooks
12/24/2012 09:23:06 pm

Dear Courntey Cash i wish you and your family the Merriest white Christmas ever! THE NEW YEAR 2013 bring you all healthy days ,happiness an your dreams come true!!!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! At Christmas Romanian children wait for Santa Claus to come.But firstthey go caroling to neighbours an relatives our Christmas carols retell the story about how the Holly Baby was born in Beethlem,about the star,the magi,the peasants and their shepherds giving shelter to vergin Mary.They identify the characters from Bible .About how we spend our holiday in a future mesage.Looking forward to earning from your friend away,Layla.

1/2/2013 04:41:10 am

I hope that you had a great Christmas! I know I did! And that is really interesting, thanks for telling me that! You just taught me something new.
Thanks again for commenting on my website. It means a lot to me and my peers.

layla brooks
1/28/2013 12:28:06 am

Winter holiday was great and holidays were full of magic! Winter is surely the moot spectacular season! Full of lave and warmth the , the Christmas came fast and gone fast! Me and my family were in the park where thore in a little slope. There are coming a lot of children because of the boring. Thore is my favourite place. We decorated the Christmas tree on december 14th,but we gotnit down on january 1st.I was having fun with my friends in the holyday .We went skating in the center of our town. I couldn't enjoy the snow in this holiday because,it wasn't too much and it didn't snow a lot. Inspite of this'it wasn't a boring holiday . Generaly I enjoyed the Christmas holiday! What about you?


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    Don't worry, I don't bite people, only cookies! I LOVE to dance and also love to learn just like my teacher which makes it so easy! This Is Me! And thanks for reading!


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