This might be a while...
So lets start off by saying that I had an amazing Winter break. I loved spending time with my family, and of course Christmas and New Year!
When we got off of school, everything was normal and it was like it was a weekend. Then Christmas came fast, and before I could even "open my eyes," It was Christmas Eve! 
On Christmas Eve, my family was at home and my parents invited over my uncle, his girl friend, and her kids. It's really ironic because my uncles girlfriend, happens to be the mom of one of my best friends! So my best friend, and her sister and brother, and mom, came over with my uncle. We all had dinner together, and just hung out. For dinner we had a really nice fondue, made of oil... I think. And we had some chicken, salad, and lots of other food too! It was really yummy! So it was really fun because I got to hang out and spend Christmas Eve with one of my best friends! We just hung out in my room, and talked with other people. And theres more...! My uncle brought his son, with is of course my cousin, and I haven't seen him in so long! So I was happy to see my cousin again.
Then, they had to leave, so then my family put together some cookies, carrots, and a bottle of beer, for santa. We quickly tracked Santa on the computer, and then we went to bed. In the morning, I woke up at around 6:30-7, and ran downstairs as fast as I could. I saw all of the wonderful presents underneath the tree, but I had to wait for my parents and my brother. When they came downstairs, they got their coffeeies, and we started opening presents. I loved everything I got, and was so thankfull for everything.
New Year's was also a lot of fun. This year, I went to the Black Mountain Ranch in the States, with my best friend. It wasn't all that busy there, but it never really is because it is just a bunch of trailers and horses around the area. We had our own little count down, and still had a lot of fun. 
Later on in the break, well, lets just say that I got the gift to paint my room. So on January 5th, Me and my dad went to Home Depot, and picked out some paint. I chose to paint my room an electric blue colour. On January 6th, me and my dad painted my room. It lookes very pretty, but we still have some touch ups to do. But, we will do that. Im also changing a bit of the look, and style of my room. I want it to be like a Zebra print theme, with lots of black, white, and blue. I have great plans for my room!
Next, Its back to school. Im sad, but happy because I get to see my friends again, but I have to do work...
Well I hope you had a great Holiday, and a Happy New Year! I know I did!

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