So on Thursday, the think we team went to Rogers’s arena for an
event called we day.
 So on Wednesday night, my dad had to set his alarm for 5:30am!
“Bring Bring!” The alarm has gone off but my dad had to come and wake me up
because I couldn’t hear it. He woke me up at exactly 5:32am. He told me that I
needed to wake him up again at 6. So I got out of bed, got changed, and went
downstairs and fed the cats, man were those cats hungry! Made my lunch, and got
myself some breakfast. After all of that, I went upstairs and woke my dad up
again, and he got ready while I got all of my stuff together. We got in the car
and off we went! We left my house at 6:25am. When we got to the school, my dad
left me and all 18 of us grade 6 and 7 students, and 4 teachers, left the school
at 6:45am to go to the sky train station. 
We got on the sky train and were on our way to Rogers’s arena at 7:15am!
When we got there, we found our seats and sat down and waited for the show to
start. Before it started we were taken up to get a souvenir if we had money for
one. I got a ring, and then we got to go back to our seat and only a couple
minutes later, the show started! So instead of going in depth, I’ll just give
you a “long” overview of the show. So there were some performers, and some
speakers. Some of the sings were Demi Lovato, Cody Simpson, One Republic, Shawn
Desmond, and more. Every one of the performers did one song other that One
Republic. They did two songs. Everybody was amazing. Some of the speakers were
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Spencer West, Christi Clarke, Mark and Craig
Keilburger, and more. They were also amazing and have very powerful
speeches.   My favorite singer
had to be all of them. Okay, I’ll choose two. Hands down, Demi Lovato, and Cody
Simpson. I think that they sung very well and their songs had a meaning to them
that was very powerful. For
speakers, I’ll have to say Spencer West, and the blind girl. (I’m sorry I forget
her name.) Spencer West only has half a body and he told us all about how his
climb was because he climbed on of the biggest mountain ever. And the Blind girl
told us all about her past being bullied. On our seat, we got a little goodie
bag with lots of things in it. Too many to list. Well, all in all, I had and
amazing day and I have to say that everybody was my favorite, and I wish I can
do that again next year!

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