If you didn’t already know this, I had a wacky weekend.  Let me tell you a bit about it. To
start off, we ended our day at school on Friday. I went home with my friend and
she and I hung out for a bit, and then she had to go home because she had to
leave for the States.  So I just
had some dinner,  watched a bit of
T.V, and them my parents and I went back over to my friends house because my dad
needed to get something, and they were still there because the border line was
too long. What do you know; we ended up staying there for a little bit too
long.  It sucked because near the
end of school, I started to get a head ache, and it kept getting worse and worse
as the rest of the day went on. 
When we got pack from their house, I went and got ready for the Preteen
Dance! I had a blast when I was there! On Saturday, my family and I stayed home
because my mom and dad had a Halloween party to go to. At about 4pm, I helped my
mom get ready for that night. While my parents were at the party, I stayed at a
7 year olds house, and ended up staying the night. I came home of Sunday, got a
Booster Juice, Carved a pumpkin, and I also lost my tooth! So all in all, I had
a half crazy and half boring weekend but I still had lots of

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