Today I had my Christmas show for dance.
Wow! What a morning, day, and night!
In the morning, I got to get up and relax for a bit. But not for long. I then had to put my hair into a low bun, and had to do my makeup. Same old, same old.
When we were done getting ready, we left to go to the theater. Everybody that was performing, did the show rehersal. This is when we do the entire show, but nobody but our teachers, are in the audience. This got me warmed up, and ready to show off my skills!
After the rehersal, we got to take a break, and have some lunch. My parents, came with some of my friends parents, and brought us some Tim Hortans for lunch! Yum!
When we finished our lunch, we came back to the gym (backstage) and put on our first dances costume. Then, around 10-20 minuets later, the show started. we all had to get into postion, and the curtains opened! We have started! I had to do 5 dances today. ERA, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Jazz, and my own Hip Hop Solo. I had a lot of quick costume changes, and some very exuasting dances to deal with.
I was pretty nervous for my solo, because it was my first time dancing a solo on stage. But, when I actually got on stage, and started dancing, it was not scary or hard at all! I actually had alot of fun, and was like I was having a party on the dance floor! At the end of the show, I had alot of people saying good, great, and awesome job. I mean, I can't blame them, I did really good! So I said thank you of course, and we headed home. At the end of the night, I had a lot of fun and I can't wait to go to competition! Good luck to all of you dancers!
Thats a wrap! Bye!

Mrs. Kirr
12/18/2012 06:49:49 am

I just wanted to encourage you... Keep following your passion! You seem so excited writing about it, I can't imagine how you must feel actually dancing! Keep it up, and have fun!!

1/2/2013 04:44:00 am

I will continue to follow my dreams, and I shall never give up. I had a lot of fun doing my dances if front of people. And i have been dancing since i was nine. I dont want to stop.
Thanks again!


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