Today was an amazing day to fly kites!
Would you like to hear about my past week on constructing and flying a kite? Well… POW! 
I had an amazing day flying and now here to share it with you! Keep reading! Since Tuesday, we have been working
on making kites. On Tuesday, we made a draft on our kite using a plain piece of 
paper. We then on Wednesday got our kite material and started to draw our design on to the kite. We had to be very careful and be light when we were drawing because it was hard to erase the pencil lines on that type of material. After we finished drawing everything on the kite, we got to colour it. Now the problem with the colouring process of this project was that some classes colored with crayons, and other classes used felts. My class did it with felts because we thought that it would stand out better. Most classes were not allowed to use felts because they thought that the colour might bleed. But for my class, they didn’t seem to do that.  After we
coloured our kites, we then (on Thursday) we got to build our kites with our little buddies. I thought that it was a lot of fun building the kites. I had to help out my buddy a lot with building her kite, but that was ok, she did lots of the work to. After we built them, we got to go outside and flew them! We had to be careful though because there were so many kites so it was easy to get tangled. But I had a really fun time and can’t wait to do
it again! I loved how this week went by, flying and building kites and I am now going to close down this piece with you, I know I’m sorry it has to be this way, but it just has to happen. So have a great day and keep flying
those kites!


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