Wake up, Wake up! Is all I hear coming from my mom’s moving mouth
on a Wednesday morning. As my mom is yelling at me to wake up, I am trying to
get up so I can get ready for Halloween and school. I get out of bed, and then I
get my Halloween costume and out it on. After, I did my makeup, I went
downstairs and ate some breakfast, and then continued to get ready for the very
special day! I was Alice for Halloween. You know, Alice in wonderland? Yeah,
her. Instantly I was out the door! 
After school I had to go to piano. When I got back from piano, I hung out
with a couple of my friends. I had dinner and did any touch ups that I might
have had to do with my hair, makeup, and clothes. All of a sudden… DING
DONG! I open the door and TRICK OR
TREAT! Is yelled at me as I hand out candy. I closed the door and said to my
friend: Wow, Trick of treating has started!  At around 8:00pm, me and my friends
when to start trick or treating. We ended at around 10:00pm! I came home and ate
more candy than you can ever believe! No, I’m just kidding. I actually didn’t
eat too much candy and that was really surprising! I then got really tired and
so I went to bed. The End! I hope you enjoyed!

10/14/2013 04:04:07 am

This year I'm being a candy bag ;P


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