Yesterday I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I was so tired and grumpy! When my mom said "Are you ready for the grouse grind?" I almost jumped because I forgot all about it! I had a big breakfast, got dressed and I was ready for it. Though I was ready, I still wasn't 100% excited. This year was my second year doing it so I knew what it was going to be like. Last year, I did the hike in 2 hours and 20 mins. This year I did it in 1 hour and 25 mins! 55 mins better! My mom drove me to school and I sat on top of my desk waiting for my teacher. The moment I left my classroom and got into the car, I got happier! My mom put on some music and I started to sing with my friends. When we got to the mountain, I stepped out of the car and walked to all of my friends. Just then, my teacher took attendence, we grabbed out hiking buddies and off we went! Right when we started climbing, I already was tired after like three steps! At first in the beggining, it was hard to get up because there was alot of people squashed together. But the more you get up the mountain, the most you spread yourselves out. On the mountain, there are signs that tell you that you at at the 1/4 mark, 1/2 mark, and 3/4 mark. And then the top! You walk for so long and then you realise your only at the 1/4 mark! As I kept climbing, it got easier. Finally then when I reached the top, all my friends that were already up their, started chanting my name. I walked up to my teacher and got my time. 1 hour and 25 mins!  I then walked over to my friends and started chanting other peoples name that were on their way up. When everybody was up, we got back down the mountain using the gondola. It was really fun! So then we got back into the car and went back to the school, and then went home! After that, I had to go to dance but I had a fun day anyway!

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