What would we do without them?
Friends are very important to me and I think that everyone on this earth deserves at least one good friend.
Who will be their to catch you when you fall, or when you need someone to help with problems?
For me, when ever someone new comes to my school, I immediatly go to them and make friends. I do this because I know that they are thinking that they are never going to make a friend and that they are too shy to go up to anyone. So I go to them!
It doesn't matter about their race, colour, gender, age, religion, or size.
It matters about them.
I did that in grade 5, and I have been their best friend ever since!
When someone is not new, but is being bullied, or is too shy to even talk, I will make friends with tem and help them through anything. I did that this year.
Friends are someone you can trust. To keep secrets, or just that you can trust on anything. I love all of my friends and I hope that you do to!
Keep making those friends, and please do not disclude anyone!

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