What would we do without them?
Friends are very important to me and I think that everyone on this earth deserves at least one good friend.
Who will be their to catch you when you fall, or when you need someone to help with problems?
For me, when ever someone new comes to my school, I immediatly go to them and make friends. I do this because I know that they are thinking that they are never going to make a friend and that they are too shy to go up to anyone. So I go to them!
It doesn't matter about their race, colour, gender, age, religion, or size.
It matters about them.
I did that in grade 5, and I have been their best friend ever since!
When someone is not new, but is being bullied, or is too shy to even talk, I will make friends with tem and help them through anything. I did that this year.
Friends are someone you can trust. To keep secrets, or just that you can trust on anything. I love all of my friends and I hope that you do to!
Keep making those friends, and please do not disclude anyone!
The holidays are flying by so fast! But this time, is my favorite one! I will say this slowly... Or should I spell this out? I'll spell it.
 Do you know what that spells? I bet you do! It spells Christmas! I love Christmas! It's my favorite time of the year.
I get the chills when I start to hear all of the Christmas songs come on the radio. You get things stuck in your head like "Fa la la la la, la la la la!"
When December 24th comes by, I start to quiver and my body can't sleep at night because I get really excited!
Waking up in he morning is one of my favorite parts. Not everyday do you get to wake up in the morning, walk down stairs, and with the sight of your eyes, see all of the presents under the tree, and all of the stockings filled up with goodies!
My family, when we open up presents, we pick a "Santa." That person would pick a present for who evers turn it is. I say "turn" because my family takes turn opening our presents one by one. I am usually the "Santa" most of the time because I love to hand out all of the gifts!
My favorite part of christmas is the gifts. Now I know that Christmas is not about presents, and it is about spending time with your family, but I just love the feeling of opening a gift that you have always wanted or something.
For Christmas dinner, my family goes to one of our good friends house to eat and spend time with them. We do that every year!
Every year I look forward to a new year of christmas!
Have a happy new year!
My dance life is like a whole new life and it is very complex. I love to dance. I live to dance. I dance on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and sometimes I go on the weekend. On Mondays I go from 4:15pm to 8:45pm! And that is for Lyrical, Ballet Technique, Jazz, and a class called Leaps and Turns. On Tuesday, I go from 4:30pm to 7:30pm for Hip Hop, Ballet Technique, and E.R.A which stands for Express, Reach, Aspire. On Wednesday, I go from 5:00pm to 6:00pm for an Acro Technique class. All in all I do 8 hours and 45 minuets worth of dance in a week! (If I calculated correctly.) I also have a Hip Hop solo which I go on some weekends for 1 hour to learn that. Dance requires alot of work. You have to practice every day, and when you go to dance, you have to wear certain types of clothes, and your hair has to be in a pony tail! We do Christmas shows, Year End shows, and lots of competitions! I get very exuasted after dance, but I learn something new everyday! If you want to learn about the makeup we wear to shows, then go and read my passions page!

Wake up, Wake up! Is all I hear coming from my mom’s moving mouth
on a Wednesday morning. As my mom is yelling at me to wake up, I am trying to
get up so I can get ready for Halloween and school. I get out of bed, and then I
get my Halloween costume and out it on. After, I did my makeup, I went
downstairs and ate some breakfast, and then continued to get ready for the very
special day! I was Alice for Halloween. You know, Alice in wonderland? Yeah,
her. Instantly I was out the door! 
After school I had to go to piano. When I got back from piano, I hung out
with a couple of my friends. I had dinner and did any touch ups that I might
have had to do with my hair, makeup, and clothes. All of a sudden… DING
DONG! I open the door and TRICK OR
TREAT! Is yelled at me as I hand out candy. I closed the door and said to my
friend: Wow, Trick of treating has started!  At around 8:00pm, me and my friends
when to start trick or treating. We ended at around 10:00pm! I came home and ate
more candy than you can ever believe! No, I’m just kidding. I actually didn’t
eat too much candy and that was really surprising! I then got really tired and
so I went to bed. The End! I hope you enjoyed!