Grade 6's, 
If you are right now in grade 6, and are heading to grade 7, I’m here to give you  a little bit of advice. This will be your last year at Hillcrest, but just because it is, doesn’t mean you can be to crazy. Make sure you are treating the grade 5’s going into grade 6 nicely. Just because they are younger, doesn’t mean you have the right to be rude to them. Treat them the way the grade 7’s treated you. If you don’t like being treated rudely, then don't treat the grade 6's poorly. Make sure you pay close attention in class. Because it is your last year, you will be heading off to high school, and things are going to get harder. Try to do well in your work, because you want to be well prepared for high school. 
You are older, but that doesn't mean you are any better than the grade 6's. Be a good role model, and try to stay out of trouble. You will also get much less homework if you spend your time wisely in class. So try not to be too much of chatter-box. 
Enjoy your last year of Elementary School! 

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