We recently read the Hatchet in school. We took stickies, and put questions, connections or any wow moments we had in the book on them. By the end of reading, we had a book FULL of questions, and connections. Mostly questions though... Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this book! At the end of reading it, we did a final project with quotes from the book, and  5 important parts in the book, and make one page for each. We had to make it creative, and unique! 

L.I.- I can respond to what I read by sharing and explaining my connections and questions. I can choose passage and images that are personally meaningful. 

Learning Intention: I can create poems which use poetic devices and follow specific forms.
What I learned:I learned how to create different forms of poetry, and I loved learning about the character poems. I didn't know that there was such poetry of talking as a non living thing! The concrete poems with a big miss, and then hit thing for me. When I started, I wasn't here at school to learn a lot about them. I learned that I can go much deeper with my Concrete poems and not to have a outline! 

*Pause the slide show to read each poem slowly*

Reflection of Learning
Poetry Unit
Name: Courtney Cash

Over the past six weeks Division 1 has learned about poetic devices and was introduced to a variety of poetry forms. Please reflect on the last six weeks when you answer the following questions.

1)   What did you learn over the past 6 weeks about writing poetry?

I learned how to create poetry using poetic devices. I have learned lots of different forms in poetry, and different forms of poetic devices. I think that now, I can tell the difference in what poems are which. I have learned more about spacing my work, so that it creates more pauses, and so the reader has time to think about what was just said.

2)  What did you learn about yourself and your abilities as a poet? (Did you discover that you had a natural gift at writing, or that you connected easily to the learning? Was writing good poetry more difficult than you expected?)

I found that poetry is around me all the time, and that I am a pretty good writer and I can create a poem and have it clear, and my readers will enjoy. I think that I connected well with the learning process, as I knew what was being told to me. I also have been told that when somebody tells me something, or helps me with something, I always understand, and “suck” in what was told to me, and that I really do listen to people because I want to be better that my best. So I think that tags in with poetry, because when I get feedback, I take the feedback without getting mad, and I know that it is helping me as a learner.

3)   Where did you grow the most as a learner?

I think I have grown most as a learner in the writing process. I know that I am such a better writer, and I check over my work a lot more than I used to. Mrs. Middleton is very good at explaining things, and I can understand her very well, so I think that that is another reason why I am getting so much better!

4)   What are you most proud of with regards to this unit? Explain why.

I am most proud of I’m getting my work done faster, not in the way that I am rushing, but in the way where I block out everything around me, and engage into my work. 

I am also proud of the way I am writing, I’m going above and beyond the simple things, and pushing my learning. What I mean by this is, I’m using much more triple scoop words, and using much better line spacing! Much Better!

5)   Where do you feel that you still need to grow? Explain.

I think I still need to work on adding more poetic devices in my writing. In my final project, I had less poetic devices in my work that I had when I started.


This is my concrete poem. Its a picture of ballet shoes, because I love to dance. My poem reads this:
Dance can fill up your heart.
It's just another kind of art.
BOOM! BOOM! Your body flows with the music.
The sounds, the feelings,
This is just dance.

Learning Intention:I can create poems which use poetic devices and follow
specific forms.
What I Learned:I learned how to make a shape using words, and have the words matc

This is my sensory poem. If you can't read it, this is what it says:
It's sweet
Once in awhile chewy
The gooey melted formula dances on my taste buds
It's bitter 
I'm getting excited 
The butterflies in my stomach can't take it anymore
I must bite 
It's making it's way to my mouth
My teeth chomp down 
It's flowing through my hungry belly 
Delicious melted chocolate warms my soul.

Learning Intention:
 I can create poems which use poetic devices and follow specific forms.
What I learned:I learned how to make a poem about something, and use my sences to do so!

Learning Intention: I can create a poem using a specific form and variety of strategies.
What I enjoyed: I enjoyed putting together my found poem, and finding all the words that fit in with it.

Poetic Devices 
Click up^^ to go to the link for my Poetic Devices In Song Lyrics.
Learning Intention: I can demonstrate my understanding of a variety of poetic devices.

What I learned:I learned that I can easily find poetic devices in songs that I never knew about!

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Learning Intention: I can use the poetic device of alliteration to develop meaning in my writing.

Courtney Cash

I still remember the feeling, the feeling in my heart when last year’s fall
floated away so fast like a raindrop falling from a stormy cloud. It’s now
coming back as fast as I can run from tree to

is starting school, meeting friends, and most of all, being secretly
is drinking a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows drenched in a hurricane of
goodness over and over again until I feel cramped in my
is tugging on the blankets to keep me warm while I watch my evening
is watching all of the leaves change into beautiful colours like deep brown,
silky green, bright red, and pumpkin orange.
is when all the leaves start to fall like a waterfall of
is walking outside and immediately seeing your breath slowly making its way out
of your frozen mouth.

is wrapping my scarf around me and watching it dance in the glistening
is jumping into mud puddles and into the piles of leaves that my mom just raked.
Listening to the screeching in my ear, seeing myself flying in the sky, and
smelling the new fall season.

is stepping in the dried up leaves that make the restless crunching
is etching you finger print on the foggy window with the slightest touch, and
all that you would draw, is a very happy face.
is hearing a pin drop on my window sill because of all the silences that lurks
around me.
is hearing the pitter patter on my house top from all the sky blue
is carving a glowing orange pumpkin like painting a terrifying
is what fall is to me!

Learning Intention: I can create a personal piece of writing that uses descriptive language to paint a portrait, starts with a strong leads and focuses on one main idea.
What I learned: I learned that I can make a piece of writing on what fall means to me. I can express my memories and feelings with the world.

Learning Intention: I can use strategies (visualization) during reading to improve my understanding.
What I Learned: I learned that by putting pictures that pop into my head, it makes it easier for me to follow the story!

Learning Intention: I can create a poem that follows a specific form and uses creative descriptive language to describe who I am.

What I Learned: I learned that I can tell myself and others more about myself with writing things down on paper!