This is my Tessellation Art. It's only the beginning process, so it's not the best. I started late doing this, so mine has just the drawing and no colour. But when its done, It will be colourful! Tessellation Art has two pictures within one piece of paper that you have designed. In my Art, I have the mountains, with a river, and then I have a house with a path, and a lake. I will try to post an After pic so you can see what it looks like in the end!
This is my Pencil Art. It's a dolphin. His name is Bubbles. And he is made out of pencils. 
Step 1) Draw a picture.
Step 2) Fill it in with pencils. (Any shape, size, etc...) 
Step 3) Colour
And poof! Your done! 

Learning Intention: I can create images using a variety of materials, technologies, and processes. 
So this is Jerry. I met him when I was a little girl. Wait what?! This isn't the real Jerry... I just drew this one. Well this is my Great Cartoon Blowup Art that my class did. It is a pretty big picture, and here are the steps to do it! 
Step 1) Print a small picture of the cartoon you would like to do.
Step 2) Use a ruler and a pencil, and draw a 1 by 1 cm grid over the picture, and label one side A,B,C... and label the top 1,2,3... (or the other way around.)
Step 3) Get a big piece of paper, and draw a 4 by 4 cm grid, and label the same way.
Step 4) Using your small piece of paper, copy the cartoon onto the picture using your grid lines and line up all your lines! 
Step 5) Erase all of the grid lines and labels. 
Step 6) Colour.
Step 7) Not really a step but now you are done! Go show off that amazing art!

Learning Intention: I can create images using a variety of materials, technologies, and processes. 
This collage is a representation of myself in some kind of way. Whether it is about something important to me, or have pictures of my siblings, friends, or parents. It is about showing myself in any kind of way I can.

Learning Intention: I can create an image using the correct portions in the style of Picasso.
What I Learned: I learned that I can create a picture of myself using different techniques then I would normally do. I learned that your eyes are the same width of your nose, and have the shape like almonds! Also that the top of your ears are at the same level as your eyes. And way more!